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Bone on bone thumbs

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I'm bone on bone, wear a brace and I'm having a really hard time performing my duties as a nurse. Since I am currently single I obviously need to work. My ortho wants to do the tendon thingy and assures me a 100% return to mobility but I've heard horror stories about the recovery or lack thereof. I'm hearing good things about this Dr Elhassan at Mayo. Is this where you had your surgery? How about recovery time ? Pain? Thank you in advance

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My surgeon offered the tendon relocation but I saw several of my Rx patients who were unhappy with the results. Please note my surgeon is in Chicago and I live in a small town in the West. I told him my concerns and since my first implant had been so successful that I preferred the newer implant. And if..a big if…this implant fails for any reason I can still have the tendon relocated. The pain was very tolerable. I did take Rx meds and gradually tapered off to routine acetaminophen. Drawing syringes, adding tubing and similar movements won't be allowed for at least 6 weeks. If I were you I might do my non dominant hand first in any case. If you've heard good things about this particular surgeon I would call his office, set up appointment and get his opinion. You might also ask if any of his operated patients could be contacted (HIPAA preserved of course). From Oct 24 til mid December I obeyed the " no pinching movements" and very gradually increased my use. I can tell you opening my Rx bottles with safety caps was still challenging, these were my personal bottles. It quickly reminded me why both my hands failed after 35+ years in pharmacy. Not sure I would ever be a dispensing pharmacist. But I'm retired so not a problem. Maybe you could ask for light duty after a few weeks of recovery. Hope this helps but probably raised more questions than answers. We're all different so one solution for me may not work for you. Do more homework. Best of luck!✋

I had an osteo-integrated screw on R wrist, some moderate pain easily managed, back to normal in about 6 weeks. Left wrist was the tendon relocation: splinted with sutures for 2 weeks, then a rigid splint for 4 weeks along with some PT. Overall pain not bad but probably wouldn't have wanted to work (am retired anyway). I sensed some minor loss of strength because of loss of tendon but that has improved over the past couple of years. Bottom line: both methods worked well and continue to serve me well. Hope this helps.