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Bone on bone thumbs

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Hello Lioness, I had bone on bone in the first metacarpal joint (thumb) of both hands. The injections are never going to give you back the cartilage you've lost. This is why I felt I had to go through with the joint replacement. I'm 10 months and 6 months post-op. Still in pain but hopefully things will improve the more I work on strength and flexibility.

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Hi Stoney, you had an actual joint replacement? I'm contemplating LRTI but it scares me but i am not ready to go to a nursing home, never will be. I'm still working. Mostly, I have been avoiding the use of the thumb. For example, i don't hold the steering wheel in the car using the thumb It is affecting ADLs. You have my empathy on the post-op pain. I'm still recuperating from two TKAs. Rt knee in 2017 is finally getting better and Lt knee was 2018 Actually, the stiff feeling is more bothersome than pain (minimal) at this point.

Back to the thumb. Injections are so short term. I've had one.



Hello Stoney. My doc is suggesting thumb replacement and I just wanted to ask you if you think a person living alone could undergo this procedure successfully? I have had five hip replacements and two shoulder surgeries (looking at shoulder replacement also). But my thumbs are useless to me at this point. I'm' also having very bad wrist pain. Any insight you could provide would be appreciated. You are more than a year out now - so I'd be interested in the big picture from you. I don't know if I can bear another winter with this much pain in my hands.