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Lexapro withdrawal

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Oh boy ... I’ve just started on 10 milligrams of ecitalopram (generic for Lexapro) for anxiety. If it doesn’t work, I’m weening off very slowly. Sounds like coming off is as bad as the issues we take it for! I’ve also been told stopping abruptly can cause hallucinations. Also, has anyone on this drug experienced nausea as a side effect?

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Nausea is not uncommon with the antidepressants as a whole; it's one of the reasons people up their dosages gradually...and a reason why one needs to get off slowly as well. I don't think hallucinations are common with SSRIs if you stop abruptly...that's more of a benzo issue...but again, your mileage may vary. 🙂

But here's the good news: the rule of thumb is that the more horrible you feel getting on an antidepressant - the more likely it will be drug that works for you. I was sick as a dog getting on both Paxil and then Effexor....but they both worked for me. Got off the Paxil pretty easily...and am almost off the Effexor (next step is going to zero).

Run & hide from lexapro! It’s so bad! Please read a mind of your own. If you have Facebook, look up Kelly brogan, the author, and she has the first chapter on there free. I’ve been on lexapro for 15 years and will begin my ween on the 28th. Wish me luck.