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Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

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My most recent mri stated the kidneys are nearly replaced by numerous cysts and complex cystic masses, compatible with polycystic kidney disease, anybody know if the kidneys can be saved.

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Hi @triff1, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to another discussion by the same name: Polycystic kidney disease (PKD). I did this so you can meet other members talking about PKD like @charliedelta @rosemarya @jolinda and @tomo.

Triff, have you been diagnosed with PKD or are you waiting to consult with your doctor with the MRI results?

HI @triff1
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. There are many ways which you can keep your PKD kidneys healthy longer (depending on their condition) but unfortunately there is no known cure for PKD.

* Keeping your blood pressure under control is essential to slow the damage to your kidneys
* Often Lisinopril is prescribed for high blood pressure because it helps protect the kidneys to some extent
* It is important to consult a dietitian to modify your diet and water intake appropriately
* Daily exercise and maintaining healthy BMI also helps a great deal
* Jynarque is a medicine that is a medication that is also used for treatment of PKD
* Actively avoiding mental and emotional stress is also important

I hope this list gets you started in the right direction. A Nephrologist (kidney doctor) will be able to give you details on your exact condition.

Do you have other family members with PKD? Was your diagnosis a surprise or did you expect you had it? Please know our online community is here to help and encourage you whenever you need us.


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