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Rheumatoid arthritis questions

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@ellenh I was diagnosed several years back. My RA here at the University, never said firmly that I had RA. It drove me nuts. Then she found something questionable in my blood work. Still no firm words and I asked her, whats up. She was sending me to an oncologist. She prescribed Methotrexate pills which made me so sick. I could not eat and spent my time in the bathroom. She then prescribed the a shot once a week of Methotrexate which I give myself.
Two things have happened. My RA is getting worse. I am so tired all the time. MY body aches in the morning and after I take my dog out for a walk, I hit the bed for at least an hour to let the stiffness try to calm down. The only pain med I take is Tramadol. It does little, but at least it helps some. My spine dr told me to add 2 Advill along with one tramadol. I have to admit, it helps SOME. The oncologist told me that I am about 1% blood cancer. I forgot name of this. I am 76 and I told him that ok, I am not taking any precautions to end the cancer should it take off. My body and my mind cannot take anymore. When I lived in Oregon, I used Marijuana (oil). It worked and I was able to go out to lunch with my friends, church, everything. Texas Marijuana is illegal and I am suffering for their stupid law People who do not understand what Marijuana does for me should keep their mouth shut until they try it. I pray I get some relief, soon.

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Texas Freedom I found one thing out with my fibromyalgia when my body is hot I hurt so I take a lot of lukewarm showers also my thigh burn this helps.

@TexasFreedom The diagnostic confusion we all face is pretty rough, and on top of that is disagreements over meds and other treatments. I have RA as part of the package, and it is simply getting much worse while I wait for my next appointment. Lots of issues. But I take what the Doc says to take. Methotrexate injections weekly for a couple years now. I feel it has helped slow down the RA and the AL and probably a few other things. No side effects for me that I can tell. Lots of pain, high serum and urinary protein, fatigue, broken teeth, purpura eyes and toes, brittle toe and finger nails, AFib, blepharitis, macular skin arms, legs, buttocks, forehead; broken bones, brittle nails, dyspnea, OSA, Barrett's, esophagitis, cerebrum cortex deposits, thyroid cancer, prostate CA, cutis laxa, corneal lattice dystrophy, cardiomegaly, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, lung invasion, spinal nodules, tendon knots on feet and hands, other issues. etc. But thank goodness it is spread all over my body. With only a certain number of fibrils to clone themselves, then die and deposit themselves, this means the whole process is slowed down to a crawl. So at 78 I can just hope to but off the whole disaster for a few more years. In November it will be 31 years since the cardi told us I would not live through the night.

Sorry you're suffering. It was my understanding that marijuana oil had no THC in it, so therefore it isn't illegal. You can order it online, can't you? Do you have any friends in other states that could send some to you? It's available here in Missouri and we're about as conservative as Texas is. I would check about the cannabis oil. I think it probably is available.