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Nerve blocks

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@marinelastef I have had occipital nerve blocks and many nerve blocks in other areas. I am curious how it was determined that the blocks were the cause for the muscle and nerve damage and weakness. I ask this because I have some doctors that cannot explain some very rare but serious health issues that no institution has ever been able to pin-point the cause and your question peaked immediate interest to me. I have cerebellum volume loss, multiple-system atrophy including the esophagus, vocal cords, legs, arms, stomach, bladder, polyneuritis and a host of other issues that were diagnosed after the occipital nerve blocks.

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@menville I’m really sorry to hear what you go through. Unfortunately I deal with some of your problems and as you, they multiplied after these procedures. I also had a deviated septum surgery with turbines cleaned and cut and 2 nostril nerve damage in the left side. Since al these I can’t swallow, breathe, walk, I feel weak and unable to keep myself up for a very long time. The nerves burn sting sweet profusely and the symptoms are worse than someone can understand. You should mention to your doctor about the new symptoms after you had the nerve blocks done.
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