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Questions about osteoarthritis.

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Good Morning!!
First off, please 'call' me Ronnie. Thank you!
It's funny because when I actually got the Shingles, my hubby and I were waiting for the doctor to get the shot in. It came in during all this and gave it to us then.
Our doctor informed us that there is a new Shingles shot for us to take. It is a two parter. You get one part, wait a few weeks and then get the other part.
We got the first part. We went back, when we were told to, for the second.
Would you believe that they haven't gotten it?
Apparently, they are making something like a million dosages in a clip and distributing using a lottery.
No one around here (Central Florida) has the part 2 dose!
The second part has to be given within 4-6 months and it's already been 1 month.
Isn't that interesting?????
Oh well, it is what it is!

Have a wonderful and pain free day!

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Good morning Ronnie,

I was also thinking about the newest Shingles vaccine however, I found that my insurance didn't cover very much of it and my portion was going to be nearly $200. Is it the same price in Florida? My insurance, Medicare Part F, usually covers everything.

Hi Ronnie I didn't know about the newest shot. I did have to get the newest pneumonia shot I,ll have to check with Dr.about that.have a good day If my grammar is off its this Kindle that cant spell !lol

You really had a rough time with shingles. What bothers me out the shot is that i got the old shot and right after, they announced that their was a new shot that you had to get. It seems silly for them to have not told me to wait for the new shot. I was told to wait until my knee healed before getting the new shot. They way things are going with my knees, I may never have a chance to get them.