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Questions about osteoarthritis.

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GrandmaR oh my how that shi ngles must have hurt in the eye

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It was really strange! I used to be an elementary school principal.
It was at the end of the day and my students were trying out for our yearly talent show.
I went into the all-purpose room (that is what they build now, a catch all room….lunchroom, gym and auditorium) to watch.
My vision was blurry and I had a headache over my brow.
I thought I was tired and that my allergies were bothersome.
I went home and I was OK.
The following day, I was driving to work when all of a sudden I felt my eyes crossing and I had to work hard to uncross them.
I got to work. Thank goodness it was around the corner from where I lived.
When I got to work, my eyes were blurry and I had a hard time focusing, even with my glasses.
Later on in the morning, I was walking down the hall and I felt my eyes crossing and I was not able to uncross them.
I made an emergency appointment to see the eye doctor.
He was the one who said he thought I had Shingles in my eyes.
No rash and not really painful, just blurry and weird.
He suggested I see my primary care doctor, which I did.
She was puzzled. I didn't have a rash. I did, however, have 2 little pimples behind my right ear that was irritated. I thought from my glasses.
She took a culture and told me to keep in contact with her.
The following day she was very worried and sent me for a brain scan. I was terrified.
When I got the call and they said everything was alright, I broke down and handed the phone to my hubby.
Things did not get any better for a couple of days so I was sent to an eye institute in Philadelphia.
They looked at all the scans and took a ton of blood.
They said I had 6th Nerve Palsy.
Two days later, the results from the culture……..I had Shingles!
Apparently, the virus part (ONLY) of the Shingles went into the nerves of my eyes.
It took about 3 months for my eyes to straighten out. It made working difficult!
As a result, I have a difficult time tracking when I read, I lost some peripheral vision, and sometimes my eyes move involuntarily.
I am told that it is possible that the palsy can return, especially if I get another virus that goes into my eyes.

Interesting? Huh?
Have a pleasant evening!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)