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Questions about osteoarthritis.

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Hi, @ssbionicknee - I agree with @mschock that it seems prudent to be looking into all your options, like disability, with the osteoarthritis and pain you are experiencing, and your physically demanding job. Listening to your body is really smart, and it sounds like you are doing just that.

I'd like to introduce you to some others who have talked about disability or who have some knowledge in this area, like @hopeful33250 @elizabej @johnbishop @jeancary @kdo0827. Hoping they will have some insights to share on how to know at what point a health issue becomes a disability and how to know when it is time to make the decision to go that direction.

@ssbionicknee - what does your doctor say about whether going on disability might be appropriate at this time?

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At my appointment he took a great deal of time looking at the x-rays and manipulating both knees. At one point he looked at me and asked if I wanted to go back to work (this was after deciding that I needed 6 more weeks off to heal) I did not think about what he meant by that at the time. I believe he may have been gently hinting that it might not be a good idea. Right now I am waiting for approval for the injections. This weekend has been rough. Some days it is the right knee and some days it is the left knee that hurts. The x-ray of my left knee is quite interesting. My kneecap is over to one side and no longer in the middle. I am going to call tomorrow and see what my doctor thinks.