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about to begin treatment for MAC

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@onana Welcome, I wish you didn't have to be here but we all are here to support one another. Tell us more about yourself and how you got here. I have been on treatment with what we call "the Big 3" for just about 9 months now. Azithromycin, Ethambucol and Rifampin.. I initially was on Rifabutin but it gave me severe muscle and joint pain so was switched early on to Rifampin. I am taking a Probiotic Jarrow Formula 25Billion once a day and Vitamin D 2000iu. I have been taking them on an empty stomach without nausea. Rifampin has to be on an empty stomach. The others can be with food. I think the main side effect I notice is tiredness and sometimes water tastes funny. I take it really early Monday morning, Mid Morning Wed and late afternoon on Friday to try to not have such a huge gap between Friday and Monday. I fall asleep really fast when I sit down. Otherwise, I have done OK so far. Some people have more and less side effects.

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@onana Hi Jo Ann! I'm beginning my treatment today with the same 3 drugs you said you used when you responded to me on August 20, 2018. Thank you so much for that response. I am taking your advice about how to time the drugs. I'll let you know how it goes. I have to admit that reading about the nasty side effects from some folks on the forum has me a little scared, but your post encourages me to go ahead and give it my best shot. Thanks again. Olivia in California