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So where does A-fib fit in the mix? Is it from no big deal to worse: PVC, PAC, then A-fib as worsted of all?

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A-Fib is a more serious form of arrhythmia in which the atria go out of sync with the ventricles, and begin shuddering or vibrating. The ventricles exhibit a fast irregular heartbeat at the wrist as the attempt to get back in sync. Some people have episodic A-Fib, while others are in A-Fib all the time. A-Fib can lead to stroke or heart attack because the blood is not moving efficiently and can clot. For this reason, people with A-Fib take medication to slow their heartbeat and thin their blood. My A-Fib was episodic, lasting about 20 hours per episode. PACs and PVCs are generally benign anomalies but can trigger A-Fib episodes in someone with the condition. My condition was corrected with a catheter ablation. Now I just have leftover PACs and PVCs, which are annoying, but nothing as annoying or serious as A-Fib

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