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I am 66 yrs old and have had PAC’s for the last 19 years. Have also had various serious heart issues, including ablation, but the PAC’s have always been considered totally benign and non related to my heart issues since they started years before my cardiac problems occurred. But yes, you can get PAC’s after ablations for non related issues. Here’s what’s helped me since I am also one of those that feeels every beat and used to get so freaked out in the beginning that my local ER got to know me even though I am a retired RN! Try not bending down from waist too much, avoid feeling overheated, avoid stress as much as you can, take Magesium 250 mgs/day – my cardiologist actually was the one who recommended this and it really made a huge difference, but check with your MD first, make sure that you’re maintaining your Potassium at a normal level by having a daily banana or coconut water, keep well hydrated but make sure you don’t overdo it since plain water can deplete your Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium, these are all vital for optimal,heart function. Stress, bending over from waist, and overheating are my triggers. Meditation, yoga, also help, I can’t emphasize need to keep stress managed, but Magnesium made an almost instant difference, been taking it along with a daily banana for over 10 years now. At times, if undergoing a lot of stress I can have every other beat be a PAC for a couple of hours, but this is now very rare, on a typical day maybe I will feel 5-10, which is fantastic. Most people have a few per day but they are not aware of them. Some people that just can’t take it have been put on a beta blocker by cardiologist, or Flecainide, but this is for extreme cases because both medicines can have serious side effects. Good luck.

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….Stress, bending over from waist, and overheating are my triggers. Meditation, yoga, also help,….

WOW. Triggers! Never considered that! Just thought it was RANDOM… yet… just before my aorta valve replacement surgery I went to emergency room due to supper dizzy, almost falling over – from doing my morning outside animal feeding chores – including BENDING OVER AND CLEANING AND REFILLING WATER BOWLS…. Just after this I had to sit down as totally out of breath… then 30 minutes later off to emergency room…

Now after surgery, doing that same bending over causes my a-fib to kick in hard! I had no idea! I just thought I got it worse by working outside in the heat/humidity in the morning… But now I can relate! WOW!

So this morning I tried to limit my bending over at the waist and I think I am less dizzy than 'normal.'

SO TRIGGERS CAN BRING ON HEAVY or HEAVIER A-FIB. What a concept! I am a believer now. Thanks!

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