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Desperately Trying to Get Diagnosed

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@cdent411, I understand your disappointment. The reality is that Mayo Clinic receives more requests for appointments than available openings. Thus other factors for requesting an appointment come into play. Appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need. Availability depends on the nature and urgency of the problem and Mayo Clinic's ability to help (as determined by a Mayo Clinic doctor). It is possible that reviewing your case, the physicians assessed that the care and treatments you are receiving is what they would recommend and didn't want you to incur additional costs for evaluation or travel. Additionally, while one Mayo Clinic location may be at capacity another may not. If location is not a factor for you, you could inquire about another Mayo location than the one you first contacted, i.e., at the Florida or Arizona campuses.

May I ask which conditions you are dealing with? I'd like to help you get connected with others here on Connect.

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Hi Colleen – Thanks for your reply as well. I understand they relieve more requests than available. I just thought someone suffering for 18 years who has seen dozens of doctors & specialists and still doesn't even have a diagnosis would be someone they'd be willing to take in. I'm not really receiving any care anymore; all of my local doctors are out of ideas – I've moved a lot over the years and this is always what happens, I exhaust all the local options until it just seems hopeless. I've tried to FL campus as I live near them, but they haven't been able to help, which is my my primary care suggested trying to go to Rochester. I need a multi-disciplinary team to help me figure this out and the Jax campus just sends me specialists who seem to work in silos. It feels like an infection, throughout the pelvic area, symptoms are urological, GI, skin irritation, and a recent biopsy revealed localized scleroderma (morphea) in the skin above the affected area. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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