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Desperately Trying to Get Diagnosed

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Sorry I am late, I have and had many issues with different cyber systems, in fact , in Michigan I lost my LPN license due to upgrades MiPlus. A story in itself. Sorry for your neurological issues. I understand. I retired from nursing in 2006, for a few years neuropathy. Luckily I love research(in fact, I believe research has more positive therapeutic affects than half the medical service. ) Yes, I always learn much in the research. Computers, texts, files, magazines, people, etc. For my neuropathy,(plus I have a substantial medical library at home), yes to use standard medical institutional services. It is difficult to sort out the more science based professional medical staff , at times medical university complex, other times that special physician is found at a middle sized city or small city. In fact, in my latest bout of neurological problem(dizziness), I assessed over 200 different neurologist in Michigan(looking for a radiological-neurologist), failed but did my best in finding that professional to validate an earlier MRI to brain. Health is an integrated affair. The best choices of a medical professional one can trust. I was fortunate, in my second bout(dizziness), young physicians did an excellent job(in ER) to give me the best possible start in understanding the new symptoms. Later I was not so fortunate, a lesser quality base in the physician. Plus I rely on my educational habits and instincts. (Worked in medicine for 20 years). For starters, it is critical one find the best word to describe ones illness. Dizziness is too vague and usually much of the information on inter-net is lay bulk with little substance. I rely on my medical library and ICD codes and NIH for start. Also impressed with medical stories in Medscape. Yes, in early phase of 3 years of dizziness, some spasm. I started my Adult Male MVI. Also based on the medical information, I add Fish Oil, Tumeric(science based medical herbal), and glucosamine/chondraitin effective for muscular aches . All are based on genetic sensitivity. There is regular progress in biotech. regarding biomarkers and biotargets…hope for vague neurological problems. I was ready to opt for a nursing home at initial of my dizziness symptoms. But the dizziness did not tax my driving ability. Plus I do regular research regarding BPPV and dizziness, a noted paper was from Dr. Martin A. Samuels, M.D. Chairman of Neurology Harvard Medical School…..it is a constant search, never to lose hope, so long the symptoms do not tax ADL's. Plus to keep my spirit, spirituality(what seems effective), I have a support family in the Philippines, a big plus in my over 3 year bout of dizziness. Plus Mayo Chat ….a professional connection, digital communication, one is in constant battle to sort out the waste. Hang in there, plus we all know, there is always genetic mutations constantly going on….possibly at times for better. JIM retired nurse…lately based on research changed my blood pressure medicine(Norvas), a high degree of sa dizziness for folks over 60, based on research, no medical service person flagged this dynamic. JIM>>>>>>

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@jczarkowski1270 Hi Lioness here Im retired L.P.N. from Pa.After my work fracture I decided to retire went back but didn't work out This is a great group I give people what knowledge I can made alot of friends online here youll enjoy hearing about what serious problems they have how upbeat they are in face of pain