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Chronic pain and spinal fusion

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Yes I was told sitting was bad too, but alot will depend on how you are feeling, I just walked around the house at first, and then tried an outdoor walk, I walked too far and was hurting afterword. Unfortunately, during my recovery, i sprained my ankle on my sons toy so I am just know getting back to walking without pain in my ankle. In summary, I would walk as much as you can without overdoing it, your body will tell you when you have done too much. Also, I have found when I lay or sit too long, my back and hips feel tight so I need to get up and walk. hope that helped.

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Thank you, good advice to listen to one's body. So sorry you sprained your ankle on top of the recovery, double whammy! I feel quite stiff and pain now when I sit too long, more so on the right side. But then, I'm tight all the time. I am so hopeful surgery will give me the ability to enjoy life again. I did something really stupid yesterday, took the wrong envelope to surgeon appt. so didn't have most recent MRI. He wouldn't see me without the MRI, really no point. I live 30 minutes away so he could not accommodate that timing. I don't blame him, was my fault. Now I have another month to wait to see him. He is so busy and only one in town. So guess I wasn't meant to see him yet.

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