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Chronic pain and spinal fusion

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Hello, I'm new to this site and have been browsing discussions. I have degenerative disc disease like many seniors. Unfortunately mine has been painful for 6 years at L5S1 disc. Over those years I have been to physical therapy twice which was a great help in understanding and improving core strength. I have always walked 2-3 miles a day and gone to exercise classes and yoga for past 3 years. Additionally have had steroid shots in back and tried opiods 3 years ago......not a fan. The degeneration is now severe as shown on recent MRI and so is the pain. Have had to give up so many pleasures in my life like gardening, cooking, entertaining, taking trips, long walks and now exercise class. Have avoided surgery as a last resort, the pain is now at the last resort stage. Lots of nerve pain including sciatica. Am going to back surgeon this week. Last year he said he could relieve 90% of pain with spinal fusion, and I'm finally ready. Has anyone else had spinal fusion in lumbar? Am very interested in your experience. Thank you.

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