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Crohn's Disease - does cannabis help?

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I am a 41 year old female, dx with Crohn’s in 2016 after a two-week affair of chronic diarrhea and nausea, with subsequent dehydration, weight loss, fatigue. Colonoscopy did show chronic ulcerations. Prior to that event, I had irregular BM’s, but nothing significant. Since my diagnosis, I have chronic abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue, no diarrhea, fatigue, have GAINED 20 lbs. I am on Pentasa and take various supplements. I recently had labs done, and there are a few directing to malnutrition, yet I cannot lose weight!

I also have early onset disc dysplagia in lumbar/sacral spine. I am active and live a healthy life. I am not certain Crohn’s is the correct dx, especially with the absence of chronic diarrhea and constpation. Does anyone have any feedback or advice? I am at a loss and wonder if I have something else going on.

Thank you!

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You mentioned your recent labs pointed towards malnutrition yet you are unable to lose weight. Have you discussed this with your doctor? I did run across an interesting article discussing the topic that may provide more information for you.

6 Surprising Health Conditions that Hinder Weight Loss
-- https://www.canadianliving.com/health/nutrition/article/6-surprising-health-conditions-that-hinder-weight-loss

Hi arick21, I read your post and wanted to reply. I also am a female in my 40 s who has Crohns Disease. I was diagnosed at age 25. Through this long journey of living with the disease for over 20 years, first I just wanted to say.. don’t give up in trying to find answers! I got help and second opinions at Mayo Rochester and it was totally worth it. The doctors there are so knowledgeable and kind and set me on the right path in terms of meds and healing. Also one thing I have seen over the years is that Crohns is a really individual disease. That means everyone’s Crohns is unique. I have two close girlfriends with Crohns and their disease is very different to mine. Yet here we all are with Crohns! So in summary, don’t give up, keep seeking your truth and answers. And know there are lots of other Crohnsies out there all with very different symptoms.. but suffering from this same inflammatory bowel disease!