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First, welcome to the forums. I am new to this myself and, in a short time, have found that the people here are very supportive, caring, and encouraging.

I am sorry to hear about what you're going (through). While I have no way of knowing what will happen regarding your condition, I do get a sense of how this is affecting you. I started to experience intermittent burning/tingling sensations in my feet last month. It negatively impacted my eating and sleeping. I was a mess. The mental battle was the worst part. I sought help from a therapist to deal with the worry/anxiety. Frankly, the worry physically and mentally drained me. I have, for the most part, reached a point where I have accepted the situation. The worry is still there and does affect me at times, but not as bad as it did 30 days ago.

You didn't mention how your experience is impacting your life other than physically. If you are dealing with issues regarding worry/anxiety or this is having a negative effect on your life in other areas I would highly suggest seeking help from a therapist or your doctor. It's not easy to wait to see a doctor, run the tests, get a diagnosis, and then see what can be done to resolve the problem (if possible). As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part." It's handling the time while waiting that can be very hard.

There is a member of the forum named John that I've found to be extremely helpful. He tells people to learn what they can about their condition and be their own advocate. I'm sorry if I wasn't helpful regarding your medical condition, but hope I was of some assistance if it's been bothering you in other ways.

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Thank you for your reply. This condition has sort of taken over my life. I am concerned that if this progresses to permanent nerve damage that I’ll lose ability to perform basic functions. But don’t know where to turn next to get more info/help.

I don’t think I need therapy, but will keep that in mind. Just looking for next steps. I have been going to clinic that is using traction, PT, Chiro adjustments but no improvement after 2 months.

Have been told to go to PT that specializes in neurology. May try that next. But wondered if there were other recommendations?