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@nrd1 I think myofascial release physical therapy may be able to help you with the scalp tightness. There is a lot going on with the head and neck and jaw muscles. Here is our MFR discussion and a link to lots of detailed articles about related physical issues. If you haven't consulted about your cervical spine and had imaging, you may want to do that do in case spine alignment could be causing the ocipital headaches.

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@jenniferhunter-thank you for your detailed input. I appreciate the time you take to explain. It started with feeling like I got hit in the back of head with a baseball bat. Could not get head comfortable on a pillow. It felt like cement when I laid down. I have had xrays, MRIs. All show “normal” which of course I am thankful for that. All of the physical therapy, such as massage and MFR, say my C2 feels slightly twisted forward. This feeling has slowed moved up over my forehead and into eye area. They want to throw meds at me, of course, while I am trying to get to the root cause. It is 24/7. Does not go away. And I’ve now developed vertigo with it upon looking up. The stress of the sensation only causes more tension and guarding, so it’s difficult to release the additional stress it’s caused. I greatly appreciate the links you provided. Thank you.