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Thank you. The only reason why I ended up here on this forum, is due to Western Medicine error. They disrupted my whole body system function. So I look to others now who may have insight. Before western medicine doctors convinced me I had a problem, that I didn’t have, I truly knew the body. All bodies have innate wisdom to heal if given the right treatment modalities, by the self first. I normally would be able to get myself out of this. But the innate wisdom has been disrupted by doctors. This might be too deep for some, but it’s the truth. I’m now left with having to go to people for something I never would have developed on my own, so I have no way to describe it or have it understood. Once doctors get involved they make it more complex than it needs to be. I appreciate your advice.

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@erin38-I have had brain MRI. I first experienced tingling on scalp and a sense of “fullness” in right ear.
I now have complete and full tightness through entire scalp forehead face down to Occiptial area. I pull and tug on my scalp all day for relief. Lifting my eyebrows cause a restriction into the back of my scalp. Can’t look down or read for lengthy periods of time. Now have sound sensitivity due to the guarding and tightness.