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@jenniferhunter -I have seen 2 neurons headache clinic at a University.
Spinal Surgeon at a University.
Chiros. Massage therapy

Issue is. I was believe I was misdiagnosed when I was complaining of ear fullness. ENT diagnosed me with sinus issues, causing me more harm with that diagnosis. So I have now lost faith in Western Medicine, because I am now dealing with iatrogenic issues along with the minor head issues I was dealing with. So it’s now complex to pinpoint.

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@erin38-sorry I didn’t see your other post before I responded. Thank you for the advice. I will try that.
I have been to many doctors. I had something very minor for a few weeks. Saw an ENT, who only wanted to operate.
I was told by the neuro, that I probably had cervicogenic headache prior. But post sinus surgery, triggered more head issues/pain.
I’ve tried many different physical modalities.
My head feels like it’s chronic tension. But I don’t believe tension migraine causes vertigo. Perhaps if muscles in neck are very tight. The occipital muscle spindles are very powerful. It’s so hard to pinpoint.

I completely understand. I think people get misdiagnosed ALL the time. I don't have a lot of confidence or faith in some doctors either. I have seen some thorough doctors and some lazy ones who don't want to investigate or take the time and patience to figure it all out. There are good doctors out there BUT hard to find.