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Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), Cannabis and Cannabinoids

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Cindy. Not sure what kind of cancer your husband has, but it's certainly easy enough for them to find out with a biopsy. My NSCLC is squamish cell carcinoma and they are treating me with Keytruda because I have positive PDL-1 markers. If your husband has negative PDL-1 markers, they should use Opdivo because it has never been tested for positive. The study I read about had 140 participants. 89 patients were on Opdivo alone and 51 were on that and cannabis. The ones who used only Opdivo, had a 37.5% effective rate and the patients who used both. Their effective rate dropped to 15.9%. That was the only study I found, so take it for what it's worth. Personally,
I think the study might be close to the same no matter which immunotherapy drug you go with because they are both in the same class with very similar side effects. I hope this has been a little helpful. Hope you get some so mb e answers soon. Brian

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Thanks Brian. Good info. My husband has had 3 biopsies and five different pathology groups look at his tissue sample. You'd think they could figure it out, but nope. We're somewhere between an upper GI cancer and lung cancer. The pathology isn't clear on what it is. It's in his lung only though……..on we trudge.

@lighthouse68 Can you please share your experience with Keytruda? Did you do it together with chemo? For how long did you use it? Thanks.