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Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), Cannabis and Cannabinoids

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Cindy. Very sorry to hear of your husbands condition. It's sad when they can't find the origin of his cancer. Since I was handed a death sentence, I have nothing to lose, by changing my diet, which is very important, and try the cannabis oil. We all have to die, but I would sure like to post pone it for a while. Like you, I have done massive research. One study, in the UK, found that the cannabis oil cut the efficacy of the Ketruda, by over half. I know I'm not going to get the answers I am looking for, but have read many success stories of remission. I wish you and your husband the best of luck. Brian

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I'm curious why the cannabis would affect the Keytruda effect? What is the rationale on that? Keytruda and Opdivo are possible drugs my husband may be able to use but we have to wait and do more tests. They can't prescribe much when they don't know what the cancer actually is. But, I wonder why a natural substance, like cannabis would 'mess' with the Keytruda. If you have the time, inclination or energy to respond, I'd appreciate the information. I can't say this is accurate in any way….BUT…..my husband's tumor in his lung decreased by 1 cm over three months and his lymph node activity stayed the same (no increase). The only thing we've done is some improvement in diet and supplements (but not a great deal) and cannabis. Because we don't have to consider any pharamceuticals at this time, we're going full bore into the cannabis, Vitamin D and possibly IV Vitamin C therapy to see what if any effect there may be.