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Hi, @ihatediabetes — That's a great idea — the wellness coaching. You said you feel you've become more mentally healthy since starting this. Wondering if you'd tell more about what that means and the changes you've seen in yourself?

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Wellness coaches are trained to help you find yourself. So first you make big goals like improve mental health. Then you make experiments that are SMART. That means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time limited. They teach you what those mean. Then you work your experiments. Mayo app asks me every day to report on my experiments and they ask about my energy level. Then I have coach chat where I send coach messages and she responds. I use coach chat like a journal and my coach makes her observations and tries to be encouraging. She also tries to connect things together for me from an observer perspective. I really find that helpful. I know that Mayo is doing research on all this. They want to help people with healthy living. I think they also want to use something like this to help people with mental health issues like depression. I think they want to be able to help people stay stable and know if people are going downhill. So they always ask about my energy. Then they go through each experiment and ask me how I feel about each – too easy, just right, too difficult. I do feel like I am being watched by program but I don't feel bad about it. It feels protective to me.