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My itching is only on my arms, since 1988. But if I take an pain meds, then I am allergic and it is this awful feather like itching all over, pain is better. As to abdomen, if I get a bad stomach ache or I am on antibiotics then I take a probiotic. It's amazing how great it works. I am constantly tested all the time, blood work slways. I am the only one in my family with these issues. So strange. I hated to have my right knee done and cataracts, but putting off, just so tired of the doctors. Lately some pretty bad ones. I figure nothing is going to kill me, it will just make life miserable, just my luck I will out live everyone.

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@anniemaggle – Ironically my local endocrinologist said, "the worst thing that I can tell you is that this is not going to kill you…" Thanks a lot, Doc! So sorry, because I know the misery you are suffering and I am 49. I have quite a haul until I get dirt in my mouth, so I am going to do whatever to actually "live" rather than "exist". Carpe' Diem is tattooed on my stomach. I got it after Mayo cured me of cancer at 25 years old in 1995. I intend on "Seizing The Day"! Remember to get you a little "life" every day while you are here because life is finite and God won't reveal to us our destiny but will guide our journey. God bless you! Sean Roop

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