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Hello I'm new to this site, I'm looking for answers and people I can talk to that has the same problems I do. It's scary alone. I can't talk to my husband because he is permanently in a wheelchair. I have fibromaylia , Addison and just this month after a biopsy on my arm, it has been itching and looking like I had a bad sun burn, they diagnosed with connective tissue disase. I feel like I'm go crazy I itch ALL over my body. I have cream and a pill that I take it helps but it doesn't last long. I'm so fatigue, I do things, for example, I go to town to do groceries and by the time I get back I just collapse and the next day I'm in the bed. It's so hard for me also to push my self everyday cause I have to take care my husband. I do have a nurse 2 hours a day, thank God. But the rest of the day is on me, it's so hard. I'm scare of what this disease is about and symptoms and etc.. can someone help me understand the disease, please, I'm one of those people the more I know the better I can deal with it. I also know my back and the bones in my body hurt every time I get up moving, about 10 mins. the pain is unbearable. I'm in the middle of taking a mailigance panel have 1 more left. Once everything is done I meet back with the dermatologist to see where we go from there. This is my story sorry it was so long.

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I can certainly relate to all the symptoms from the unbearable pain in the abdomen, all over body itching and joint muscle pain. The most menial tasks might put me in bed for 2-3 days. And I mean not get up to do anything! At Mayo, my endocrinologist told me it was not Addison’s Disease, because I increased in cortisol when stressed during my ACTH test. However, I had no baseline cortisol @

Hello @joielivingbyfai, welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing your post. It is scary when you are alone. I can assure you that you are not alone and you will get support from members of the Connect community. There is another active discussion where you will be able to meet other members and learn how they are dealing with MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease). I'm tagging our Moderator @kanaazpereira to see if she can move your post to the discussion.

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While we are waiting, here some information that will help you learn a more about MCTD:

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease – Symtoms & Causes

@joielivingbyfai so you have any specific questions you are trying to get answered?