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@pcjohnson - from Tinkerbell - She originally had her hips done at Mayo. The first done was a planned surgery and the second was done after a fall. It took awhile for them to find out she had cobalt poisoning. She was sick and they could not figure out what was causing her problems. The surgeries were all done at Mayo. Unfortunately, the second surgery was done before they knew she had cobalt poisoning. She was told titanium poisoning is rare. If she had titanium poisoning, they would have had to remove the rod that goes down into the thigh. The had to remove the ball joint only. Still a bad surgery to have two times. We live in Orlando so we only 2 1/2 hours each way.

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Read the whole article I would definitely find an Environmental Doctor or a Dr. that specializes in Autism because they check for Chemicals in your body and they also know what drugs to use to remove the poisons. I used DSMA when I had a lot of chemicals (poisonings) in my body or find a holistic doctor that has a medical degree so that way your insurance will pay for it. Do your research. Why pay $10,000 when there are Doctors out there that can help.

If you need further hip surgery there are Doctors that just do hips. Dr. Byrd I believe he is in Tennessee and call the Hinsdale Orthopedic in Illinois there is a top notch Orthopaedic Surgeon there you may have to travel but it would be worth it.