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@pcjohnson - From Tinkerbell - I just talked to my neighbor. I cannot tell you which clinic is better to go to but these are some of her symptoms. Joint pain, rash, stomach pain, headaches, burning in legs and arms, total body hives. This went on for 5 years after first hip was done. She was seen in the Dermatology Department and the Allergy Department is located right next to it. She said it took her 2 weeks to get all of the testing. You have to wait 1 day between each day of testing so they can read the results off of your back. A Dr. Hall in Dermatology did the testing. She is starting to feel good and this is a few months since the surgery to replace the hip joint. Her allergy is to the cobalt. Metal testing is a specific type of testing. She would be happy to talk to you on the phone and we would have to see how this would be accomplished.

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Good info! Been feeling like a freak and everyone is sick of my complaints. it is reassuring to hear I’m not the only one—even though docs seem to only want to treat symptoms and not address the root cause.

Did your neighbor actually have the appliance removed at the Mayo Clinic or did they do all the testing then told her what to do and she went back home to have the surgery? Had she already had the allergy testing done prior and knew she had the cobalt allergy? I am just wondering if it has to be done again adding more time to the stay. I really am new to all this.