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Seeking help, information, support...

Neuropathy | Last Active: Aug 16, 2018 | Replies (30)

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Thank you for the recommendation regarding the book. I will certainly check it out.

The burning/electrical sensations have returned and I've been dealing with it pretty well for the most part. When this hit last month I was not eating, having trouble sleeping, getting dry heaves, and an occasional crying fit. Frankly, I became physically and emotionally drained with putting myself through this. I have finally accepted the fact that I have to deal with it, be patient, and wait to see what the doctor(s) say(s). Sure, the anxiety still comes up at times, but I'm doing my best to control it.

This is a place I can come to and not drive myself crazy with what I read. I was doing all sorts of reading online about neuropathy and diabetes. Goodness. All the questions that kept coming into my mind:

1) Am I going to lose feeling in my feet?

2) Will I end up in a wheelchair?

3) Will I eventually not be able to walk?

4) Will this get worse?

5) Will I end up traveling to different doctors and hospitals around the country trying to get an answer? My doctors are part of the Cleveland Clinic so I hope not, but…

Truth is, nobody knows. I had to stop worrying about all the possibilities. The warning about Dr. Google was one that I did not heed.

I am appreciative of the feedback and support that I've received from everyone. I've been given some new things to try to deal with my worry. Thank you all!

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@sinjin All of your questions are legitimate for those of us who cope with this condition. I spent a lot of time trying to find answers to similar questions. I was sure that my head and brain were just deteriorating. I was frightened. My neurologist scheduled an MRI and found nothing unusual. I remembered that I had fallen and cracked my head on the bathroom floor 3 years ago and wondered if there was evidence of fall damage. No there wasn't. I had spent three days in a sling at the hospital after falling another time and receiving a major concussion. Could they see anything on the MRI? No, nothing. And then I started realizing that the head tingles and shock waves were directly related to what I was thinking in answer to those darn wonderments. In other words, the symptoms were anxiety produced. And so….I set out to stop becoming so anxious and to learn to control the anxiety as soon as it starts. That led me to Medical Marijuana and relief. I still get them in my head but I now know why and I can do whatever it takes to reduce the anxiety. Sometimes that means saying "no" to doing certain things and with certain people. Sometimes that means meditating immediately wherever I happen to be. The questions are still there ….they just don't consume me. Good wishes to you for finding relief.

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