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Seeking help, information, support...

Neuropathy | Last Active: Aug 16, 2018 | Replies (30)

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Thank you for responding. As the day has gone on my anxiety has decreased somewhat because I realize there's nothing I can do right now about what's going on. The electrical impulses are more in the toes now and it's been on and off all day with them after not having had them for five days. Again, the pain level is a "1." I'd like to get some feedback on how concerned I should be about this. As I mentioned before, I can sense hot/cold, different textures of surface that I walk on, and if I step on something I feel it. Perhaps that's just my way of coping with this. The neuro did mention that having hair on my feet is a good sign. He said that two years ago when I first saw him.

I've seen a therapist to help with the anxiety/worry. For some reason, it's just hard for me to deal with this. I've spent so much time reading about diabetes and neuropathy online. The neuro said he's not ready to diagnose me with SFN right now. In fact, the current diagnosis is "disturbance of skin sensation."

I've been around these forums a bit today and would appreciate your opinion/feedback on everything. Thanks.

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Hi @sinjin — My own personal feeling is that when in a situation similar to yours where there is some unknown there is always a little bit of anxiety. I don't think you are alone feeling anxiety of not knowing what's causing the problem. I can't say I'm any different. I just try to take it one day at a time, one step at a time and learn as much as I can about my health problem.

Hoping you find some answers soon.


I think she demand a skin biopsy my neurologist made me wait a year to give me a skin biopsy the only true way to rule in SFN. A lot of them to not know how to do it or not know what the results mine when they get them back . Get the Hopkins kit sorry Mayo but the kit can be ordered by any neurologist.