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Hi Dee
@danielad, it is not only the pain of one person, but might be many of people out there who are suffering the same symptoms; however we believe medical and science researches are in good hands that will be able to get therapeutic treatments for those who are living with same kind of symptoms. As you mentioned and I understand that your husband's case is as you said in summary (His Sed rate is 36 and C-reactive Protein is 55.3. If these values don’t go down, the Rheumotalogist said she will need to increase the Prednisone). First I have in mind a question, and that is what type of Physician (specialty I mean) you referred to him/her in the diagnosis of your husband ? And the second, did they refer you to the lab to measure the muscles effectiveness? In the muscles test they put electrodes on muscles and get results, and depending on the result they can give treatment. That is available at mayo clinic even the cost is a little high and I am not sure if all insurances companies pay for it. It also might lead to surgery at the end to help the patient surviving the symptoms.
I hope you get what you are looking in my suggestions, and you do not have to be abide by my post and suggestions.
Wishing you good luck and wishing your husband getting well soon!

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Hello @1000016352 and thank you for the comments and advice.

To answer your questions — Our Primary physician referred us to the Rheumatologist. She was very thorough and ran more tests (Blood work). The results did not show any autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), something which is in my husband family (sister, maybe mother). She started him on 20 mg of Prednisone, and within the first few hours he was as good as new. This is what helped her in diagnosing my husband with PMR.

The Rheumatologist did not send us for muscle testing. Thank you for mentioning it! We have an appointment with her on Monday, and we can ask that question!!

Enjoy your day! D.

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