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Anyone dealing with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH)?

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I’ve chosen NOT to do nipple delay (saving) surgery and instead have them removed too. Why? Excuse all cancer risk. And. Why have an extra surgery??worry about necrosis, scar tissue, asymmetrical positioning or nipple falling below center of the implant etc? Added bonus ? No more padded bras to conceal nipples beneath certain tops. I’ll do tattooing eventually – which I find feminine, sensual and too empowering and powerful.
I chose NOT to simply monitor – I wish To live. Out loud. And not worry. And not take Rx meds and have to have MRIs every 6 months. And all that stress. My personal choice is to take these measures now. Vs 49/51 chance of doing it anyway AND having to fight cancer too.
Please understand this is all merely my 2cents worth. You’ll find YOUR path. My v best of wishes darling xxx

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doyoga – I had bi lateral mastectomies and I chose no reconstruction and have no regrets. My breasts at 55+ years old had turned on me in a couple of ways. First, they decided to get cancer and 'stuff' (ha ha) and second they were really unattractive and frankly uncomfortable. Of course, I was older, married many years, they were never much to look at anyway and I had truly started to hate bras. I was surprised that the easiest part of this process was deciding not to get any reconstruction, but it was. Everything else took a toll but only once since the surgery have I even mourned the loss of my breasts. Sure, I wish I never had cancer but I'm so glad I don't have to shop for bras or put one on to run out to get my mail or anything. I bought the prosthetic and have never actually put it on. I resemble a walking pear now but I'm learning all about layering, necklines and how to dress as a truly flat chested woman.
One question I have for you please — I thought I'd do tattoos but I'm concerned about using any color that would show through lighter colored clothing. I do choose slightly thicker fabrics and darker colors but I wonder how that might work with say, a white t shirt? What are your thoughts? I'm still on the tattoo 'fence'. Hugs………..

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