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Anyone dealing with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia (ADH)?

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I was diagnosed with micro-calcifications at my regular, yearly mammogram and referred by the Sally Jobe mammography center to an oncologist who recommended a biopsy. From the biopsy which showed ADH and ALH (ALH more predominantly) I was referred to a surgeon.. The surgeon did a lumpectomy and with that extra tissue they were able to determine that I had Stage "o" cancer. Following lumpectomy all my follow up care was with my oncologist who recommended Tamoxifen (which I couldn't use without serious side effects) and due to that 'failure' she referred me to a homeopathic doctor for diet, nutrition, etc. I highly recommend that care as well. I learned a lot about how to improve my health and what I hoped might stop the breast changes. Unfortunately I developed invasive Lobular Carcinoma within two years and following my bi lateral mastectomies I got the full picture of my breast 'health', which was not good. I had invasive lobular in just one spot but also atypical ductal in many areas, atypical lobular in many areas, cysts and all sorts of bad stuff pretty much everywhere. It was only a matter of time before more cancers would spring up. My decision to be very aggressive with my cancer didn't come with my initial ADH and ALH diagnosis. I had benign lumps removed over the years, cysts, multiple hormone issues throughout my life and various risk factors.
Some doctors consider ADH and ALH as 'cancer' some do not. You don't want to over treat a patient but I am glad I was on top of this because I caught my cancer before it had spread and before radiation or chemo were even recommended or considered. The surgery was the easy part of my decision making. The other treatments, including aromatase drugs were the more difficult part for me. I don't tolerate them well. I think a consult with an oncologist to discuss options for treatment makes complete sense at the early stages.

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I too was diagnosed with adh 2 yes ago and was told by breast surgeon a lumpectomy needed to be performed. I did it. No cancer was detected Mammograms every 6 months etc etc. My question is should I be worried about cancer still in future? Will this reoccur? Its been 2 years since my lumpectomy and my breast is still hard in spot of surgery site .