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Reply to all with ADH. Almost five years ago I was diagnosed with ADH and Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia. My mammogram at the time showed microcalicifications. No lumps because that area was lobular and not ductal (lobular tends to make more 'lines' in the breast vs. lumps…tricky stuff.) I had a biopsy and lumpectomy of the area was recommended. The pathology showed ALH. I was put on a six month schedule of mammograms which I followed closely. They called my condition a Stage 0 cancer…as in you might get cancer and you might not. Almost three years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer and had a bi lateral mastectomy. Luckily my cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes but it was invasive.
My cancer was harder to follow because ultimately it was of the Lobular type and that doesn't make lumps that are detectable all the time via mammogram. I didn't find my cancer via mammogram (in fact it wasn't seen on the mammogram the day of the mastectomy)…..because of the lobular type it was a small area growing in a line of cancer cells (I'm sure that's not entirely medically accurate, but the best way I can describe it). My point being this…………
……with ADH and ALH you are finding suspicious breast changes in the earliest stages and it may or may not become invasive and may or may not need further treatment. In my case the Stage 0 was in my left breast and the Stage I Invasive was in the right (again, peculiar to Lobular…it can more easily form in both breasts). I chose a bi lateral mastectomy because I feared not catching the cancer at a manageable stage and in my case that was the best decision. Please make sure you have doctors who take your concerns seriously and insist on complete testing which includes MRI's to detect even smaller changes. I am grateful for the doctors I had with my ADH and ALH because they impressed upon me my increased risk and although I'm sorry I was one of the people who ended up with cancer, I am also lucky that my cancer was caught as early as it was.
My physical therapist, post mastectomy, was a quite young woman who opted for a bilateral mastectomy with ADH. She wanted to completely eliminate her risk of invasive cancer. It was a bold decision but looking back I would have had my breasts removed at my first diagnosis as well, to avoid the worry and fear that one goes through each six months. That's just one opinion. After all, I hoped I wouldn't have more issues and invasive cancer. It is understandable that you are very worried. It's a great 'unknown' and making these decisions is truly hard.
Find doctors you trust, research as much as you can and continue to reach out. No harm in waiting another six months or even a year and continue to push for the best testing you can get. I hope you're one of the lucky ones who ends up with no further problems but if you're not comfortable with the treatment, testing or answers you get from your doctors…….find new ones and make sure you feel assured that your situation is being closely monitored.
Hugs to you!

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What kind of treatment they give you for stage 1. And what your tumor size