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Body itching

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I am so sorry you have had so many issues. A while back I told everyone about HEMP lotions and oil I use. Believe me my Drs at University refuse to write scrips and leave this to my primary. She is very sensitive to my issues and will increase my meds but prefers not to. I found the Hemp store in my sports medicine building where I get my shots. First class shop. Not cheap but it works. The lotion takes my pain away. I just got shots in my neck this morning. 3 on each side. Lidocaine I believe. It takes everything out of me. I go home and sleep for hours. Next week my lower back again. Hang in there. If you live in a state where Marijuana is legal. Please please try the oil.

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I've been experimenting with CBD oil (which comes from the hemp plant) which is legal and reported to help reduce inflammatio, and both arthritis and eczema are inflammatory conditions. I don't want the THC, psychoactive ingredient in MJ. I can't say I saw any benefit from a break out eczema rash of Perioral Dermatitis last month, the antibiotic and Elidel helped and now gone, but the CBD definitely moderates the ache of mild arthritis pain, the deep issues related to pressure on knees or wrists when pressure is applied are the same. Biggest surprise is the mellow factor. I take the recommended method of placing drops under the tongue and then not swallowing for a minute, because saliva breaks it down for absorption. Stomach acids are inefficient, putting in food or using topically utilizes significantly less of the the CBD. I do sleep deeper and my stress level is lower. In fact I can't take more than 4 drops a day of the 1000 strength of CBD isolate pure oil without feeling too mellow and a bit lazy. After experimenting now for 4 months find I am better off dosing my 4 drops all before bed, not 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Everyone must find their own dosage strength. It is said to also take about 3 weeks to notice benefits. I now take more time out to smell the roses than worry about all my never ending and truly excessive projects I am dealing with or the future of my health. CBD oil is expensive, yet our federal congress just passed a law legalizing the growing of hemp for medical and commercial purposes. By this time next year with the crops coming in the cost should drop dramatically.

@oregongirl I to m ked the hemp oil rather then cbd cream The crean doesn't last long but I had better luck with just hemp oil

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