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Body itching

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@gardeningjunkie …thank you so much for your reply. I put another call into mayo, both my dermatologist and scheduling. They again said, nothing open until November. But said they'll call me back. I then called my local physician who saw me last and asked to increase meds or do something else for me.
Neither place has yet to return my call as of 2pm now. I'm beyond frustrated and yes, no one can relate to my misery. Top off things, no one seems to care. I just came home errands, and I honestly can say, I'm wiped out and feel exhausted.
I dont know who else to contact at mayo, but this seems so un-like them. I explained I'm an existing patient, yet they put me off until November with new guy who just came on board. My own dr here isn't making any exceptions for me either, yet he peeked quickly last week and saw the severity of my mass of red itchy rashes, that look to me like measles. I guess I have to wait and see if my local drs office calls back….what else is left?
A bridge??

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@dazlin I hope there is a way for you to cope, besides a bridge. Have you tried acupuncture to address the energy system, that might help block some reaction.
@gardeningjunkie thanks for your post. Finding out things like you did gave you power to deal with the issues. And kudos to you for educating your Drs so they might be more open-minded and help other patients.

dazlin- Hang in there and wait for local doctor. I would recommend you search for another local dermatologist,but you have multiple issues going on causing complications and a new doctor will need time to get caught up still you need help ASAP. Like you I have been on the phone pleading with the scheduler begging for an immediate appointment; in tears. It's so hard to believe when we are in misery that a doctor can't work us in. I always ask for a call if they get a cancelation, but only occasionally has that benefited.
I have seen multiple derms over the years, plus as a 'Snowbird" I have the benefit of seeing one in each location and one derm often catches or tries a different treatment the other misses. Is there a way on this site to post a photo of your rash? I also blog on Inspire network on their eczema site and we can post a photo for others to view and help try to diagnosis. On Inspire I learned that my new rash area around my mouth was a specific form, a less common form not related to my other forms and this form actually fed on the steroids my derm had prescribed believing it to be contact dermatitis. True the rash in the photo was more severe than mine, but it gave me a search direction for a type of eczema less common which I never heard of before. I've learned so much from Inspire. They also have blogging sites for a myriad of other conditions.
The recommendation by gingerw for acupuncture is worth a try. Other than money spent I don't believe it can hurt you and it will give you hope to hang in there.
I am also not sure what dietary changes you have tried, for me dietary change was a last resort. If you have eczema or fungal conditions on your skin many, including me, have had success with restricting certain food groups. I always scoffed at the gluten free craze, but now believe it has merit. My biggest success has been eliminating foods which breed yeast in the gut. For decades I have dealt with female yeast issues and the burning and itching is a true misery. I also love eating fruit and as it turns out certain fruits I was eating daily were the issue. My burning and itching due to yeast is gone, gone, gone! Karen Fischer is the go to book for eczema suffers, yet it is expensive and few used copies are available. If you want a good free information source, an amazing, easy to follow chart is available to download. I printed off the 32 page copy for myself for reference. This chart is compiled by Melanie Avalon, author of The What When Wine Diet: Paleo and Intermittent Fasting for Health and Weight Loss- at MelianieAvalon.com. I have no interest in fasting or weight loss and no clue as to what a Paleo diet is, but this chart divides up our everyday food groups, then lists by the food what problematic compounds are found in each food, like under Fruits (my downfall) it lists just about every fruit you can think of. Then breaks down if high, med or low each type of problematic compound: histamine, sulfites, oxalates and so on. You also learn which compound breeds what symptom. For example the Histamine type amine is a vital part of the body's defense system, too much histamine yields chronic inflammation (thus my autoimmune disease eczema). The Sulfites breed yeast and now I know which foods contain sulfites and avoid them. I know you are desperate and grasping for a life line and you gotta try a new approach.
Acupuncture may give relief, but it will not take away what is causing your skin rash, you need to learn what is causing it so that you aren't always in the reactive mode, trying to treat it.

@gardeningjunkie , I just heard back from my local dr, nurse…they said to double dose on Hydroxyzine. However, I just recieved a letter from insurance saying they will only give a 30 day supply. So, I again asked to up the dose, so I need not to double supply…that way, my prescription will last. Very sad, and disappointed Mayo has NOT returned my call for an earlier appointment.
I thank each of you verrrrry much for your time and detailed responses…helps.

Oh …I have photos…but who to send?

If you send photo to this blog on Mayo we can take a look and perhaps someone following may have some ideas or have had a similar rash with more specific idea. Also if you join Inspire on the interent and start a discussion about your rash, add your photo to your discussion. You are searching for a cause to your itching and also rash, so I would recommend site about skin, there are many. Inspire cause just about every common disease. I am on the eczema site, but you don't even know if you have eczema. Still explain your situation and some may have suggestions like checking on lupus, celiac disease, psoriasis and so on. Many diseases have specific rash characteristics so the more eyes that see it the better. You have an array of reason for this rash because of multiple confusing issues but Inspire is a vast network of others with rashes either known or unknown seeking knowledge and they got me started even knowing what questions to ask my doctors, tests recommended or treatments to try.

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