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Body itching

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Well my itching started about the same time as my diagnosis of RA. BUT, prior to that time, my husband and I had made a trip to Las Vegas. OH my, one night and I got up the next morning and I was covered with bites. I must have really been out of it to not feel the bites. That was my last stay over in Vegas. This was a good hotel. Then years later we traveled to somewhere in which we had to get a hotel room. This one was worse. We got it on first floor as I have a wee little Yorkie. (no she did not have flees). We got into bed, turned off the lights and I started to itch. Evidently, these things do not like my husband. Turned light on and our wall was covered with bed bugs. You cannot imagine how sick I was. Now I am a fanatic. No hotels if at all possible. When we were in Germany, we were told not to stay at the hotels next to the rail stations. People from all over the world, bring their bugs with them. Now at home, I change my sheets at least every third day. I vacuum the mattress to get anything that might be on there off and into the trash. I also vacuum alongside the mattress and on the frame. I know it sounds like I am going overboard, but if you could have seen that wall in the motel room. It was a nightmare. I would not bring the suitcases in the house when we returned home. Everything got washed and back seat and trunk were sprayed for bugs. Never had a problem since. SO the itching is my RA not the previous experiences. NOTE: When ever you go to a hotel or motel, pull the mattress away from lower frame. If it is dirty, get out of that room and call the front desk to have the staff clean it throughly.

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@oregongirl yes bedbugs are a big problem in hotels you can bring them home in suitcases on clothes ,we had a problem here but stupid people where bringing items in people through out in the trash We are bedbug free right now but it was bad for awhile ,one thing the professionas used was heat treatment temp has to be over 120 degrees to kill them and their eggs .

I never want to go thru that again. Now I pd good money for mattress cover covers entire mattress. Warrented to protect again bugs.flees spilled drinks
.. whlole thing. Sorry not feeling well tonight. Went 4 shots in my neck only to find out the drug people require pain mgr to give you 4 hours relief twice before using a steroid. I am worse tonight than before I got to Dr. One more trial run before they treat. Who comes up with these rules? Wait two weeks before I get the real pain killer.

@oregongirl – you know, my husband has eczema – terribly. It began about 10 years ago when drs treated him with ivermectin and permethrin for what they thought was bedbugs. Those drugs were followed by steroids and the last decade has been HELL!!!! We never go anywhere anymore. Several years ago our granddaughter had some serious surgery, so we stayed in a hotel across street from hospital and I carried in our bedding into the hotel in a huge sack so he did not have to sleep on/in any hotel linens. Truly, it only takes once to turn you into a fanatic!!!!

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