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Body itching

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@specialteacher I thought some more about your itching issue. Has there been any change in your laundry soap recently? Any change in water [i.e. moving to a different location, or taking a trip that exposed you to something disagreeable]? Sometimes a simply change can play havoc with a sensitive system, even if it is temporary. Even if you take specific meds, if there was a change in the manufacturer of those meds, it might trigger a reaction. Please let us know what happens. We care.

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I found years ago that Ivory detergents made me itch and washing clothes in that soap simply spread the itching. As for medications, generic meds are supposed to be the same but often have different additives depending on the manufacturer; a change in color is a tip-off for that and your pharmacist is knowledgeable about this problem.

I just found this group and am hoping to get some ideas. I have a rash on my scalp and now on my back. Been to my PCP and dermatologist 2 times each. Been on more drugs ointments etc. So yesterday my Dr. Said to try the treatment for Scabies….EeeeKkkkk!
I have done the lotion and cleaned my already clean house and I am itching worse than ever. After reading this groups ideas…I am thinking that it is exema. Did not know that is connected to auto immune. I am Stage 4 Cirrhosis. Nothing is showing up in my routine bloodwork. ANYONE have ideas?

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