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Hello Jim,
I had swallowing problems, I didn't have trouble with food, but with swallowing pills. I've been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus and somewhere in my research I read swallowing issues mean you have GERD. I've been taking Dr. Gundry's Lectin Shield, Total Restore and eating a GERD diet. In the morning I have a bowl of rice cereal, fruit and a small bit of cheese. At dinner I have just a piece of meat and vegetables. I never eat fried foods, drink coffee or spicy food. After 2 years on the diet and meds I can swallow easily. Good luck to you. Remember no fried foods!

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@jennifermims No fried food! That's unamerican, isn't it?

The only time I eat fried food is if we have to get lunch in town. I usually eat maybe 1/4 of a small fries. My wife doesn't fry anything except a stir fry or eggs. She uses the air fryer for some things.

I've never had a problem swallowing pills, which is good because I take a bunch. The only one that gives me trouble is tiny, and sometimes it gets away from the others. It tastes awful.

I have neuropathy, and my swallowing issues could be related to that. The primary symptom is numbness and tingling and burning pain in my feet. It started with no pain, then the pain started in the balls of my feet, and moved into my toes, then the whole foot, top and bottom, and a few months ago moved up to my ankles, and just recently I have it up to my knees. That's small fiber peripheral polyneuropathy and I'm starting to develop symptoms of autonomic neuropathy, with balance challenges, tinnitus, double vision, and bladder and bowel issues. Doesn't it sound like fun?

Doctors have mentioned GERD, and I take Omeprazole for it. The speech therapist said I have silent reflux associated with the esophagus malfunctions. I've read about Barrett's, but it doesn't fit me.

My wife enjoys cooking, and she always prepares a well balanced meal. I grow a number of vegetables and fruit, and we really like fresh from the garden or fruit stand. We rarely eat processed foods. Even so, I spend a lot of time chewing and swallowing. I've learned to take small bites.

I'm glad that you've been able to resolve your problem with pills. My mother never could take pills. She was able to get most meds in liquid form.

Thanks for taking time to respond to my frustration rant.