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Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis

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It is a joy to tell you something about me that has such good memories, and was a positive experience in my life. A mustang officer is a person who joined the Navy as an enlisted person, and who received their college degree through the Navy became a commissioned officer. Hard work, but worth it. I was selected for a program called the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program. They sent me to Purdue University. BTW, you know Chief Petty Officers are widely respected. They have come up through the ranks to the higher enlisted grades. I'm proud of his service, too.

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@navylady You are one impressive gal! Perdue doesn't take in slackers. Thank you so much for your service in the Navy, and for a proud mention of my dad. I am very proud of him too.

Boiler Up! It’s fun to run into fellow alumni, even if it’s in a medical setting. My hubby always wears a Purdue shirt when we go to my MD Anderson appointments, it always draws conversations with fellow boilers. I hope you can find a good pulmonologist quickly, and agree Mayo would be a great place to start. I luckily have a good one here in St Louis. My Bronchiectasis is a result of lung damage from radiation treatments and surgery for Neuro-Fibro Sarcoma in the nerve center of my right shoulder. My oxygen needs vary, right now range 3-4 liters, but years ago I was needing 6 or more. I’m extremely prone to bronchitis, but haven’t had pneumonia in many years, thankfully. Best of luck.