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Rare cancer: ovarian clear cell carcinoma

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Just wondering how you are doing. I recently had an appointment and all was well, fortunately. Prior to an appointment, I experience a great deal of anxiety although it seems a bit more manageable as time goes by. My oncologist did not recommend joining a "support group" following treatment as my circumstances are so different, I guess. After feeling very isolated at times, I joined this group as well as other on-line sites. Although I have "met" several women who have similar circumstances to mine, many of them have serious challenges to face. I find that I empathize so much with them, I become distraught at times. Many of them are significantly younger (I am in my early 60s). I continue to pursue my understanding of OCCC which is rare, but research is being done. It is associated with endometriosis so I am very interested in this condition as it afflicts all of the women in my family.
We are actually visiting Arizona this winter as a possible retirement location as we have friends and relatives in the Tucson and Scottsdale areas. One of our criteria is excellent medical care which is available at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. The warm weather is certainly appealing as well.
I hope that you are doing well.

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Hello! It’s nice to hear from you! How have you been feeling? I’m doing well. My first 3 month check up went well. My CA 125 was 10 and no scan at this visit, but a PET scan is scheduled for my next 3 month check up at the end of Feb. I’m doing a walk for ovarian cancer this Sunday. It will be very emotional I’m sure! I go to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix! I love it, the Dr’s and all staff are wonderful.

Hi Odette,
This is Miyong in Tucson. I a snow bird from Wa St.
Been treated for occc at st Mary's for 2 months. Had surgery and on 2nd round of chemo. I love being in Tucson for winter.

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