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odette (@odette)

Rare cancer: ovarian clear cell carcinoma

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Hello @odette and @kenwood1.

I would also like to add my welcome to you both as you have recently joined Connect. While I have not had ovarian cancer such as you have, I have had a rare form of malignancy (neuroendocrine tumors). After the third diagnosis and surgery, I also joined Connect. Before joining Connect I did not know of others who were dealing with this type of cancer and it was very helpful to post with others who had this experience and had walked the same path I was going down. I understand that dealing with rare cancers can be a lonely road.

I am glad that you have found each other and Connect! I wish you both well as you wait for results of upcoming scans and I look forward to hearing from you both again.


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I would very much like to communicate/share with others with this very rare form of OC. Although I am nearly a year past treatment, I still hope to connect with others who understand the "isolation" one feels at times despite having tremendous support. Please do contact me.

Interested to see your post . Was just diagnosed with CCCO today but have had Neuroendocrine CA for almost 14 years. Was getting ready to start an aggressive treatment for that when the ovarian was found. That has been pushed to the back burner in lu of chemotherapy for OC .

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