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Rare cancer: ovarian clear cell carcinoma

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I was diagnosed with OCCC in May 2017. My chemotherapy treatments ended in September 2018. I go in every three months at this point. Physically, I am doing well. I struggle emotionally at times despite having a great deal of support. It has helped me to do research on this rare condition. Just recently, I joined Connect in hopes of finding someone else like me.

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I start my 3 month appt check ups in 2 weeks. I will be nervous each time, right now it feels good to have all my energy back knowing that I don’t have another round of chemo ahead of me. I live in AZ and have been in touch with the local chapter of the ovarian cancer society. They have several support groups I am thinking of joining. They also are having a conference this week end at a local resort to meet other survivors and get lots of new information on new treatments etc.

I was hoping to hear from you. Ovarian clear cell is very rare and I finally decided to join Connect a few days ago. While I know other women with OC, their histology and circumstances are quite different. It is helpful to communicate with some one who is having a similar experience. I live on the east coast. My medical team has been very supportive…my family and friends as well. Although I am well physically, at times I am anxious, especially before appointments. I would be happy to share with you through Connect.

Did you attend the conference? I am attending an event in September which I hope to find informative. I understand feeling anxious.

Hello @odette

I would be interested in knowing more about the conference. When and where is it? Is it only for ovarian cancer?


Yes, it is an informational meeting about ovarian cancer (east coast).

@odette That sounds very good. Is it being sponsored by a hospital in the area? If I may ask, what city on the east coast?


I believe it is the NOCC in Boston.

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