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Absorption problems

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Hello @sita

I am so sorry to hear of your absorption problems! Your concern is very understandable. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on the doctors in Arizona, however, I'm sure that there is somebody on Connect who might be able to make a recommendation. You can always call the Arizona clinic and explain your problem, I'm sure that they will be able to direct you to the right doctors.

I have also had three surgeries of the upper digestive tract for a rare malignancy called Neuroendocrine Tumors and I'm often concerned about absorption issues as my surgeries were all in the duodenal bulb. If you care to share more, could you explain where in your stomach you had the surgeries and the reason.

I look forward to hearing from you again and I hope you keep in touch and let me know how you are doing with your consult and the absorption issues.


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Hi Teresa
Thanks for responding. I had appendicitis in 1981 that was misdiagnosed and ruptured. Then I got peritonitis and spent a month in the hospital. After about 10 years, I developed scar tissue and the surgery in 2012 was to deal with that. It was in the small intestine. And they took about about a foot of intestine. I live in New Mexico and so I want to be sure that I can see an appropriate Mayo doctor. I also want to have contact before hand so that I can get tests done prior to the visit. As I am sure you know, Gastroenterological doctors do a million tests, many of which I have had over the years. I don’t want to travel to Arizona to find that I need to spend a week or more there doing more tests!
I am getting more desperate by the day and soon will be willing to do whatever, but will try to minimize financial output because this stuff has been and probably will be expensive! Sita


Oh, my, you have had a lot of problems! I am glad that you will be going to Mayo. I feel that if you call the Arizona campus and talk with the GI department they will help you with what you will need, especially if you explain that you would prefer not to spend a lot of time and money while you are there.

I wish you well, please keep in touch. I'm looking forward to hearing how you are doing.


I called Arizona Mayo and while the facility accepts Medicare with the patients paying 15% of the bill, Gastroenterology doesn’t accept Medicare from self-referred patients. They may or may not accept it with a physician’s referral.

@sita I was not aware of that. Where do you live? Perhaps there is another GI specialist in your area?


New Mexico. We have a doctor shortage here!

@sita If I were you, I'd probably check other facilities in AZ. Is there a medical school in AZ? They would probably have some good GI docs. Other than that, you might consider Colorado. I'm not sure how far that would be for you. Keep in touch, maybe someone else will post about doctors in your area.


Great ideas Teresa! Thanks. I will check other options.

@sita At the Mayo in Jacksonville the dr was not a provider but her NP was. I saw the dr and her NP. I have Medicare and Tricare for Life. Before I had Medicare they accepted the Tricare I had before I had Tricare for Life … even though it was not an insurance they normally accept. I think they call the insurance companies and work something out.


@fourof5zs Thanks for offering some new thoughts!


I wish I had known that information when I tried to self-refer. I could have gotten a referral from my gastroenterologist. I had to seek other avenues for treatment. Not happy with Mayo over that.