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Sacroiliac joint pain and my introduction

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How great of you to be looking out for your friend! Sometimes we all need advocates to assist us.

There are many good physical therapies for the sacroiliac. A good PT can also provide your friend with good exercises to practice at home. I agree that a conservative approach is good thing and anything that you can do for yourself is advantageous to surgery. There is something about exercises (PT or otherwise) that give me the feeling of empowerment because I know I am bringing about some important changes in myself.

Will you keep me posted on how your friend is progressing?

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@hopeful33250 Thank you. She's gone though injections and ablations since her 2 surgeries trying to get past the pain and to be able to walk without pain and fatigue. She was helpful to me early on during my spine problems, and I want to help her any way that I can. Because I do a lot of myofascial release therapy myself and I understand how it works, my gut feeling tells me this would help her. I also sent her a Mayo story about regenerative medicine used to help heal pain from adjacent segment disc disease with Dr. Qu. I knew that research had been successful in regenerating spine discs in rabbits and that was on the horizon for human treatment. https://sharing.mayoclinic.org/2018/11/02/an-active-life-restored-thanks-to-regenerative-medicine/