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Sacroiliac joint pain and my introduction

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Hi, @mdmo. Justin asked me to give you some information about my experience with sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. I wish I could be more helpful to you in dealing with the conditions and treatments that you have endured. I think, though, that members of Mayo Connect together will provide you plenty of opportunity to talk through the issues you face.

My SI joint turned out to be the site of severe lower back pain that radiated into my Piriformis and Gluteus muscles and down into my upper thigh for several weeks. A spinal pain specialist treated me for several weeks, and a physical therapist tried to help, but in the end, my personal care physician asked if I'd like to try a direct injection of an anti-inflammatory medication into my SI joint. I agreed, and within a few days, my back pain was gone.

In the course of that, we looked at literature on the SI joint. The sum and substance was that the joint pain probably was caused by inflammation of the joint lining, perhaps on both the Sacrum of the spinal column and the pair of Iliacs of the pelvis. The injection in one of the two joints resolved the inflammation, and it hasn't returned in the last four years. In our literature, there was no suggestion of ablation (i.e., removal) of lining of the joints, which seems logical to avoid in dealing with movable joints. Has your new medical team discussed injection in the SI joint(s) as a remedy for your pain? Martin

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Yes, I recieved multiple SI joint injections. I told them why do more, the last 4 haven't helped at all? I'm so thrilled for you that you had success with your injections. My Texas doctor also did the Radiofrequency ablation procedure after I told him that the injections didnt work. I have Medicare and they are about the only insurance company that will do RFA, and only if the injection works first......I've often wondered how and why Medicare paid him for the RFA due to the absolute fact I told him I was in miserable pain 2-3 weeks post injection. He told me oh,,,,well when we burn the nerve you won't feel it hurting anymore. When you are desperate you tend to go along with what your told. Just to get some relief.

Question my dr suggested about si joint injection at mayo. Wanted to know who to make appointment with / dr who did yours. Am very nervous and want to schedule with same dr who did yours please.