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mdmo (@mdmo)

Sacroiliac joint pain and my introduction

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Hello @mdmo,

You may noticed that I moved this discussion to the Bones, Joints & Muscles group as that is more where the members who have discussed sacroiliac joint pain in the past. I see that you have posted int he arachnoiditis discussion as well which is great. I'd like to invite @predictable, @sue427, @grammyx4, to this discussion to share their experiences with SI joint pain and treatment. You may also find the following discussion on addison's disease worth checking out as well, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/tired-of-being-tired/.

@mdmo, if you don't mind sharing, how are you doing with pain as you are weaning off of the pain pump?

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Hi Justin thanks for moving around the posts where they will get the most views and advice. 🙂 Well, my intrathecal catheter is located at the L-3 level. My pain level has increased since the first dose reduction which was last Tuesday. My low back pain, plus the SI joints which the pump doesnt help at all.
I've had a rough first week.
They're giving me Ultram 50 mg 3 times a day for the pain.
Before reduction I wasn't on any oral pain medications per my pain managements contract. My pump was due for replacement in 11 months.
My pain management doctor here in Missouri requires you to wean down for a full replacement as well as a partial. Most doctors do not require the weaning process just for the pump to be replaced only when they need to replace the catheter as well.
Do you have a pump?
The doctor I have now believes in microdosing. My doctor in Texas thought my 4 mg per day was a low dose. Microdosing may work for a new pump patient. With any opioids it takes more over a peroid of time to achieve the same pain relief.