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Adding Prozac to Buproprion?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Feb 25, 2019 | Replies (10)

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I hate these mood altering drugs. ALL have serious side effects. Never took them till my hubby died, daughter had a stroke and grandson got sick. Husbands pension was slashed after many years of hard work, long days . He had to leave the labor union when he became a Plant Supt. How does this happen in a country that cals itself Christian ' Its all LIP service GOP plan has always been to bust unions, Trump already Cut SS and medicare, FDA EPA meals on wheels, our kids education. WE Must end useless trillions of dollars Bush wars, who have killed & maimed our Veterans , some of whom are homeless. Family Values ? Not really

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@dianrib– It sounds as if you are having a difficult time. I hear you. That is a lot of losses and illnesses to deal with. I get that you are very angry and I think that we all know, on this site at least, that doctors, in trying to help us, over prescribe certain drugs. So, to stay on point I think it's best that we deal with withdrawal symptoms and depression and anxiety that are part of it all.
To those of you who are presently withdrawing form your medicines are you getting outside at all, if you can that is? Are you socializing (I know I know you don't feel like it), seeing family who can help? I am also in my 70's and have experienced Effexor withdrawal and withdrawal from Valium, to name a few. We have to force ourselves to do the things that are the hardest to break out of our pains, distract ourselves, do whatever it takes. This is a rescue! Since we are our own responsibility waiting for someone to make it better will only make it worse. You and I are as important than any relative or friend who you would save if need be. And unfortunately some things do take time. I think that by moving and being with people help. If it did for me, it can for you too.

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