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New knee.
The pain is HELL – in spite of meds. (Oxycodone) leg is black/blue. PT + nurse are amazed at my capabilities – "phenomenal" and with great flex.
I regret having it done. I was bone on bone. PT is painful, recovery long. Write your Senators re Stem Cell Research with Placenta. I Should have explored Stem Cells out of the country!
(Baby delivered, throw placenta away or inject into my knee?!!) Which makes sense? Which is cheaper for Medicare and Your taxes?

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Hello @mari, you may noticed I combined your discussion with an existing discussion titled PT for TKR – Pain from stretching & Other rehab questions.

I did this because I think your post could reignite the important topic of rehabbing after a knee replacement. Mari, my recovery from my knee replacement was also quite grueling and long. In total, it probably took me a good 18-24 months to get to my new normal. I had really aggressive scar tissue and had to have two knee manipulations after my initial surgery to get my knee to move. Eventually, I did make it to 0-110 degrees of range-of-motion, but it was hard and painful. Not everyone recovers the same, so I am not implying that you will take that long!

It sounds like you already have good range-of-motion, which is good. Mari, how long ago was your surgery?

Surgery TKR was on 7/30/18. What about discussing my hammer toes ? I cannot find anything about this?

Was driven to dentist and shopping today. On 3rd day post op, range was 100. I believe I'm doing so well because of v-ball, getting into pools / ocean and walking and PT and Stem Cells/PRP prior. (Stem cells injected in US are not expected to help bone on bone).
All I can say is, if you have joint pain – don't be stoic, get thee some 1) PRP, check it out $500. give it time then 2) Stem Cells. If all efforts fail, then Surgery. Just think of the time and pain you'll save, and you won't have a 7" scar on knee + 2 punctures above and below knee to allow robot to align leg.

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