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lbhoffman (@lbhoffman)

Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma and the use of Trulicity

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Hello, @lbhoffman, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

You are wise to read the pamphlet that comes with your prescription for Dulaglutide (Trulicity) and pay attention to any warnings.

Did you perhaps transfer your records to your current doctor, including those thyroid cancer records, at some point? Most hospitals also have units that deal with requests for medical records, so calling the hospital where you were diagnosed or treated would make sense.

Since you are a newly diagnosed diabetic, I'd also like to introduce you to some others here who have dealt with diabetes, like @justme67 @retiredteacher @jbruno1963 @hardworkn @dolo @pdilly @maurtura. Hoping they may have some insights for you as you begin your journey with diabetes. @vanin @contentandwell and @danybegood1 may also have some thoughts for you.

If you are comfortable sharing, what will be your treatment regimen for your diabetes, @lbhoffman?

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@lisalucier @lbhoffman Fortunately for me, my diabetes has not really been a big deal. I was on insulin after my transplant because I was initially on a higher of prednisone which can affect it. Now I only take one 5mg a day of it and it does not seem to be effecting things at all.
I was on metformin for a while but that was quite a while ago. Now I just control by diet and I have to admit, I am not that good but my numbers are still pretty good. My husband doubts that I actually have diabetes but when I do go off the rails my bg does skyrocket so obviously I am.
I am so bad at knowing when to use effect vs affect that I have used both above!

Thanks for the discussion about your sugar numbers and problems. That is interesting and informative.
(Not to worry about the "effect vs affect" confusion. Most of us think we are wrong when we use it as well and we have no red-check marks that are used on Connect for grammar or spelling!)


@lisalucier @lbhoffman I am now on metformin. I have written to the hospital that did my surgery on removing my thyroid. I'm awaiting that to see what the actual diagnosis was so I can determine if I want to take the Trulicity.

Thank you for your reply. (those are two words everyone struggles with!)

@hopeful33250 My daughter and I can be sort of "grammar nazis", so I hate not knowing for sure. Those two words are confusing. When she was working as a grant writer for a non-profit she used to email her work for proof-reading, and I always "ghost wrote" memos for any bosses I had along the way. I will have to ask her about the usage. I have looked it up about one hundred times but even the definitions are confusing.

I am THE grammar Nazi, writer, and post history instructor who required my students to write. "Affect" is a verb. "Her death affected me horribly." Effect is a noun. "The effect of the A-bomb was to cause several thousand deaths." (I don't know why I'm being so negative in my examples, but it may help.

@lbhoffman according to the dictionary effect can also be a verb, but thanks for your explanation. I should memorize it.